Glen Davis QC and Felicity Toube QC appointed to INSOL International College of Mediation (IICM) Panel

Date: 03/07/2015

INSOL International has appointed qualified mediators Glen Davis QC and Felicity Toube QC among the first members of the new INSOL International College of Mediation (IICM) Panel, which was launched on 1 July.

The IICM will focus on the resolution of insolvency, restructuring and related disputes that may emerge in the course of insolvency proceedings. The IICM Panel is composed of mediators from a number of different jurisdictions, all of whom have particular insolvency and restructuring expertise as practitioners or as judges. They are available to be appointed to mediate domestic and international insolvency disputes.

Glen and Felicity are the only barristers and English-based lawyers to have been appointed to the 14-strong panel. 

Glen Davis QC said: "It is extremely flattering to be appointed to such a distinguished panel. The IICM Panel offers parties caught up in insolvencies the opportunity of confidential mediation moderated by a practitioner or team of practitioners with directly relevant experience, in the hope of avoiding or at least reducing the substantial costs and delay of when insolvency disputes have to be resolved through the courts."

Felicity Toube QC said: "I am delighted to have been appointed to the IICM Panel, and in such illustrious company. There are many insolvency cases where mediation can have an important part to play, and can preserve value for creditors. I look forward to receiving my first appointment."

More information about the IICM Panel and the services provided can be found here.

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